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Includes 1 x 30 minute session


Hey beautiful – I think it's so fucking rad that you're here.

I have some questions for you. Do you ever worry that if you slow down for a second, someone will see that and call you out?

Are you scared (shitless) that you're not enough?

Fast enough. Smart enough. Pretty enough. Spiritual enough. Good enough.

Have you ever been afraid that everyone else can make balance, health, social life, relationships, jobs, etc. work, but something’s wrong with you, so you can't?

I've been there. And it's really, really hard to fight these battles alone. As your coach, I can help you see yourself the way the rest of us do, and give you the tools to live your best life. Because you deserve that.

Let's start to break through that shit in your breakthrough session. We'll talk about what's going on and how I can help during your 30 minute session.

Coaching is fucking magical (that's why I still have a coach!), and I'm stoked that you're ready to show up for yourself and do the damn work. It's time. It is SO your time.

  • These sessions are by application only, so please fill out your application here before booking: https://chelseawellsoulco.typeform.com/to/JVgH8c

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